Bank Transfer Direct Payments - Secure & Privacy Method to Deposit Real Money Online Casino

Bank transfer or bank wire deposit option provided in an online casino is related to the safe, secure and privacy payment method. The relevance of bank transfer has come from players that for some reasons don’t have e-wallets. If you are among gambling people that avoid sharing their payment data on the internet and want to stay anonymous, the most suitable, reliable and safe way to deposit or withdraw funds out of an online casino is Bank transfer.

How does a bank transfer work and how long a single transaction takes?

The method is about of sending money directly from one bank account to another either local or international transaction and it is time-consuming.

Make Big Direct Deposits in Online Casino

Let's review now the way to make a bank transfer payment without involving third party companies that can significantly reduce the time and costs of such money sending operations. Not in all online casinos can be found lightweight bank wire payment options like Trustly deposits in casinos.

When you choose the bank transfer payment method to fund your gaming account, you’re provided with the online casino payment details required to make a transaction:

  • Bank account holder
  • Holder’s address
  • Bank name, bank address
  • SWIFT code for international transactions
  • IBAN number of the currency you’re going to fund your gaming account in

Print or write down casino requisites and go to a bank. One of the ID documents like passport or driving license is enough to make an international bank wire transaction.

In the case, you’re a subsisting client of a local bank and an online banking service is provided by the bank, you can easily create such kind of transactions without a trip to the bank branch.

It is important to save receipt of the transaction as a proof of depositing for the casino in the case an issue arises. Making a bank transfer payment, do not forget to fill in the form your casino user ID number. The online casino payment department will manually fulfill your gaming balance with received funds addressing to your ID number.

After the bank transfer payment is done, all you need is to wait when sent money will arrive at you gaming account. Take into account that the bank wire deposit and withdrawal method is much slower than online payment systems like e-wallets and takes from 3-7 days long.

Correspondent banks in the wire transfer chain bite out of money you send

The payment method of bank wire is losing its positions among variety of different online payment systems that are instant and safe nowadays and customary paysticks for such reasons as:

  • It is too slow money movement option
  • It eats your money taking high fees

But still bank wire transfer payment option is one of the best for high rollers! In common, you can meet exclusive and bigger real money high roller casino bonuses managed for gamblers that are not about to keep the game small.

Bank wire transfer is the method to pay for gamblers that spend big and win big playing high bets in online casinos. Limits for a single transaction are much higher. And still it’s the most secure way to move your money. The funds sent via bank transfer guaranteed to reach the destination.

Fees. What about additional charges? Fees for bank transferring are dependent on the policy of the chosen bank. You should know that money you send through SWIFT will jump from one to another bank in different countries and jurisdictions till arriving the destination. All the corresponding banks will take own charges for the money transferring passage. Fees for a single international transaction can reach up to 5% of the total amount considering all crossings.

As to online casinos and other betting sites, they do not take extra fees for payments through bank transfer. Almost all gambling sites offer us both way deposit and withdrawal using bank transfer payment method. This is very handy regarding the money laundering law that obliges, for example, the UK online casinos to receive deposits and make withdrawals through the same payment method.

Is it possible to accelerate the process of money transfer and keep the high secure level?

Yes. The third party agents offer us to make it faster, much faster, almost real-time and in online or directly from your mobile device. How is it possible? How does it work? Such companies act as mediators between you and a merchant. Assume you’re sending money to a UK online casino being in Japan. A mediator will send needed amount of money to the casino behalf your name and after that takes this amount of money from Japanese bank account. You get instant bank transfer payment done and can play your favorite games! Fast and easy. Even with lower fees.

So, the option to deposit on online casino and withdraw winnings via bank wire transfer payment method is one of the handiest ways to avoid declaring of your personal information to gambling houses, feel safe money transactions, and gambling with really big sums of money.