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Playing Roulette, the game of a random chance has no magic recipe to apply for sure winning. Each spin determines unpredictable outcome regardless betting strategy. Playing Roulette in the next real money online casinos has obvious advantages. The results are always clear and fair. But the best way to win casino Roulette though with mixed success is to know everything about the game, types, betting layouts and your odds over the house. Learn where to play, how to play and win the queen casino game of revolving wheel. And then take a sit at the real money table of an online casino and enjoy gamble feelings. Best of luck!

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Why online roulette appeals real money players from all over the world and at all times?

Many people, hearing the word “roulette” at once remember the spinning wheel with a rolling ball, putting by artful movements of a dealer. Exactly the roulette wheel is a bright personification of gambling games. One can definitely claim that roulette game is the queen of the gambling industry in all world casinos. 

It can be said clearly that the first place where roulette appeared was France, however, a lot of people are sure that it was the USA. As a result, exactly this country became the main center of gambling games. Over the years, French roulette moved beyond the bounds of the country and became international entertainment for all players with its own rules and features. That was how different kinds of roulette came to be invented. Up-to-date famous casino roulette wheel games are American roulette, French roulette, and the most played game among is real money European Roulette.

In the opposite, playing American Roulette for money you'll lose twice more because of 50% higher the house margin.  However, one has to admit that these variants of casino roulette game slightly differ from each other, keeping the main approach to the game. It is not necessary to spend your funds in order to pass the time better. Have an opportunity to play roulette for free online to tempt your flair and fortune.

Where to play roulette online for real money to be safe?

The main benchmark of playing casino roulette game online is the absence of stressed situations and a big noise as in offline casinos. However, online casino roulette games suggest good sounds quality, that adequately simulate the real casino and a player can absolutely feel the excitement of this incredible gambling game. It is worthwhile not only to make money playing roulette but also for fun and intellectual satisfaction.

Can you play roulette for real money? Of course, playing roulette for real money is always accompanied by huge risk, but sensory acuity is primarily higher. It is important to keep in mind that here you’ll find only experienced online casinos, which values its reputation and provides guarantees of fair and secure online play.

Keep hand in roulette game with fake money or real money and be sure to improve your skills not only on your computer but also on mobile devices. Are you from Australia, Canada or another country? Play online roulette whenever and wherever you are!

Somehow to humanize the roulette game a lot of online casinos have such service as casino roulette game with a live dealer. Many gamblers prefer to play roulette game looking at pretty and charming dealers that put out the ball. Though, there are professional players that consider this service as being out of sense. So, if you want to paint in bright colors your game, pick out a game with a live dealer!

“All bets are off” or the best roulette bets that determine the player winnings

The important beginning of casino roulette is an understanding and learning of all roulette stakes. The winning is the major key in the casino games roulette that is interested for the player and casino. Furthermore, your winning depends on roulette bets that are available for the player. In the three main types of casino roulette (American. French and European) there are similar amounts of winnings for each bet, but different casino odds.  All bets in roulette game can be divided into:

  • Inside bets is a selection of particular numbers or groups of numbers.
  • Outside bets is a betting chip on an additional area of the playing field.
  • A called bet is a selection of separate numbers that are situated near the wheel.
Bet  Probability  Winning 
Red or Black, Odd or Even  0,4865  1:1
Straight Up  0,0270  35:1
Split  0,054  17:1
Corner  0,108  8:1
Street  0,081  11:1
Top Line bet  0,108  8:1
Double Street  0,162  5:1
Dozen   0,324  2:1
Column 0,324 2:1

Know the casino odds that help a player to feel out the best version of roulette game

As it has already been mentioned there are different versions of casino roulette game.  And if earlier, to play free roulette can be without paying an attention to the casino odds, playing roulette game for real money the winning chances need clearly to be taken into an account. That’s why choosing the game with large casino odds one have to make bets attentively and in small sizes. On the contrary, in roulette game with a great perspective player can risk on the biggest sums. American roulette has 5, 26% of casino odds, European has 2,63% of casino odds. French has 2,7% of casino odds, a rule of En Prison changes to 1,35% of casino odds.

Are there any strategies or secrets or how to win using roulette practice play? 

So, how to win money playing the roulette? Almost every gambling game has its own tips, strategies and unique behavior rules in order to increase winning chances. But online roulette doesn’t have serious tactics and mathematically estimated system that allows winning.

Theory of probability isn’t for this game in some measure because the founder of roulette is a scientist who learned the theory and tried to create an eternal engine. Primarily, casino online roulette game is a game of chance.

One can only count the outcome probability of each game and percent of casino odds. In order to win you need only luck and fortune but with few roulette secrets that are able to make a gaining closer. It is impossible to risk huge funds. That’s why before going to roulette table fix the limits.

Of course, a wish of profit is going for broke but you have to be a realist and it is better to save real cash. The simple and straightforward rules, flavoring by a cold mind fortune are capable of bringing player thrilling fun.

One cannot be affected by a blind wish of winning. The necessary measure is to have a sensible view of things and hard self-discipline to win near the roulette wheel. If you decide to test particular roulette strategy, play-by-play note the bet outcomes and analyze the results. The best winning way is to create your own successful roulette money management that gives an opportunity to win more!

Choose your free roulette game online and test all of your gaming methods or invent new profitable one. Don’t forget to cherish and in every possible way to rub up the fortune in order her appearance will be always with you!

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