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Earlier Blackjack was one of the most favorite casino games, but over the last years thanks to online gambling sphere its popularity soars to the heights of fame. One of the reasons of growing player’s attention to blackjack is abundance of interesting types. The great variety of game’s modification is based on the European or American variant. Both kinds are in great request among gamblers, but European as you can guess is played basically in Europe.  

How to play European Blackjack with the most appropriate rules?

We cannot review theme of Blackjack without discovering where it was originated. European Blackjack is an ancestor of the game that is famous in USA and other countries. With the course of time European Blackjack became more common to standard variation, but it has some particular features that we can distinguish from American. For the main rules we can correspond:

  • 8 deck of cards are riffled after each roundPlay European Blackjack Online For Real Money
  • The dealer has to pick card to 16 points
  • The dealer doesn’t pick the cards while soft 17
  • Blackjack is paid 3:2
  • The insurance is paid 2:1
  • Even Money is paid 1:1
  • Double Down while 9, 10, 11
  • Double of the bet while split
  • It is forbidden to split 4,5 and 10 points cards
  • It is forbidden to split over again
  • Early refuse - surrender - with the return of half bet if the dealer doesn’t have Ace
  • The player is going to lose the common bet over dealer’s Blackjack, involving splits and doubles.

The house edge under these rules may be 0,62%. European Blackjack is more exciting in comparison with classical variant of the game. Only gambler and the dealer take part in cards pass out. They play against each other. Before the deal, player makes his bet and gets 2 cards that he has to open.

The dealer has only one card that is shown to player. If the dealer’s card is 10 or Ace of any suit then player is allowed to make insurance bet at the rate of half from the first sum. The additional bet is placed on dealer’s second card. It means that he is going to collect Blackjack. If it happens then player gets the double payout. If it is not, the player loses. 

Dealer is not the one who can get Blackjack. The player will have two versions of game’s development: to open the cards, getting the win or to play with dealer, betting to collect Blackjack. Do you like it? Then don’t waste your time to test your fortune and play European Blackjack for free or real money.

What is the particular distinction among European Blackjack and American Blackjack?

The variance among European Blackjack and American version is not big enough.  Nevertheless, just that rules distance is going to require the significant features while choosing Blackjack basic strategy.

The main difference is the absence of closed card in European Blackjack. In American the dealer gets 2 cards: 1 open and 1 closed. If the dealer opens Ace then he opens the closed card. If the second card collects 21 then the game finishes urgently and the dealer gathers all bets.

In European variant dealer opens only one card and then deals as usual. And after players say the last word, he gets the second card. Once again, if dealer receives Blackjack the he wins and takes up all bets. By this means, you cannot lose at once as in American variant. However, you can to get insured.

Basic European Blackjack strategy that is a result of different probabilities

The strategy of cards counting that was made for classical Blackjack is contemporary for European Blackjack but with some remarks. The effectiveness and relevance of strategy applying depends on the place you play – in the most part of online casinos, for instance, the decks in European Blackjack are shuffled after each round what makes the count strategy impossible (the deal is changed after each round).

If you want to play European Blackjack online free, the chart below will be your first aid. Just notice your cards in the first column and compare with the dealer’s open card. Use the certain cells to have right answers: H is for Hit, S for Stand, D for Double and SP is for Split.The winning strategy of European Blackjack is interesting for most gamblers but the purpose is about useless guessing of results. The winning is a mix of fortune and skills. The competent strategy means algorithm of actions that allow maximizing the wins and minimizing losses.

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