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Play Lucky 7 BlackjackEveryone knows that 7 number is the lucky one. Of course, getting 3 cards in a row add up to 21 in Blackjack game. Hooray! You are the winner! Professional gamblers and newcomers may notice that numerous online casinos offer to play different variants of Blackjack game. Among them you can meet variants with the traditional rules and the models with the extraordinary features. Lucky 7 Blackjack can be added to the second version where the main characteristic is the extra bet.  In this Blackjack game seven number will gain you the extra money especially for 3 of them in a row!

Lucky 7 Blackjack presents standard Blackjack rules but with extra bet and strategy

Lucky Seven Blackjack uses the common principles of standard Blackjack card game where your aim is to bet the dealer’s hand, gaining more points. The gaming process includes eight common decks with 52 cards. There are no jokers. The key principles of Blackjack Lucky 7 are the following:

  • Croupier takes the card to 16 and stops at 17
  • Dealer has 2 cards, opening only o1. He will check the availability of Blackjack, if he gets 10 or Ace
  • Double is able at any 2 cards (after the Split)
  • Split is able to do one time on the box
  • You are able to split the cards of different value but of one kind (for instance, King or Jack)
  • Splitted Aces have 1 dealt card
  • After the Split Ace and Ace are not count as Blackjack
  • There is no surrender
  • Blackjack is paid as 3:2, the insurance as 2:1 and equal money 1:1

The difference between the traditional Blackjack game and this online variant is the availability of extra bet – Lucky 7. Maybe exactly this bet will be lucky for you today? Notice that this bet is made on the additional field near the main box and is acceptable with the availability of the main wager. However, it is paid independently. Lucky 7 wagers win if the first card is 7. The payout is going to increase if the next two cards will be 7 one. The coefficients are the following:

  • The 1st card is seven – 3:1
  • The first two cards are 7 of different suits – 25:1
  • The 1st 2 cards are 7 of one suit – 50:1
  • The 1st 3 cards are 7 of different suits – 100:1
  • The 1st 3 cards are 7 of one suit – 500:1

Lucky 7 Blackjack presents the common basic Blackjack strategy where gamblers decide whether to Stand, Double, Hit or Split. Of course, you have to learn attentively the basic principles in order to win and improve the percentage of the future winning. That is why if you are a Blackjack compulsive player, you have to try Lucky 7 blackjack for free or real money.

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