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How to Play Red Dog Card Game - Rules & Basic Strategy Description

Red dog poker is a fairly famous version of poker that is popular with professional gamblers. However, before the game starts, one should notice that this type of poker has a number of important rules and distinguishing features.

Know the rules of Red Dog Poker online cash gamesOne of the main rules is to remember that all cards have significant meaning. Red dog poker game is also a version of acey-deucey game that you can come across at a real casino. It has relatively accurate and simple mathematical calculations along with elements of chance. 

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The common rules of Red poker casino game that have another counting of points

The aim is to predict the rank of the third card that has to be between the previous 2 cards.  The game is conducted between player and a dealer with the primary deck of 52 cards, ranking from 2 to Ace. The suit is not available. Cards with numbers are counted as:

  • Jack counts 11 points
  • Queen counts 12 points
  • King counts 13 points
  • Ace – 14 points

After placing his bet, the player has 2 cards. There are several moments how the game can take place:

  • The cards come after each other(for example ) The stake is returned to player and he starts the new game
  • The cards have equal ranks (for example ). If the third card is the same rank, the player takes the winning (payout is 11:1 according to the player’s stake)
  • The cards don’t come after each other and are not equal. In this case one has to count the spread between cards. For example, if you get 6 and 8, spread will be 1.Or if you get 5 and Jack, spread will be 5.

You can see payout table below:

Combination  Payout 
 1  5:1
2 4:1
4-11  1:1 

You can try this amazing and thrilling game, playing for free or for real money! You don’t have to cheat or create some image! Just play this gambling game and get a real satisfaction! Red dog free online allows you to make your own decisions about tactics in your favorite armchair!

The exotic Red dog poker appeals you with the simple optimal strategy

The strategy seems very easy. All you have to do for a winning is to double stakes after determined spread. So, having analyzed the statistics data, one has to reach the conclusion that doubling has to be in a case of spread that equals 7 or higher. There are casino odds:

  • Spread 1 with 53,5% casino odds
  • Spread 2 with 22.5%casino odds
  • Spread 3 with 30,3% casino odds
  • Spread 4 with 38,3% casino odds
  • Spread 5 with 22,6% casino odds
  • Spread 6 with 7,1% casino odds
  • Spread 7 with 8,4% player odds
  • Spread 8 with 23,9% player odds
  • Spread 9 with 39,4% player odds
  • Spread 10 with 54,8% player odds
  • Spread 11 with 70,3% player odds

Therefore, as the mathematical expectation becomes positive for the player, he has to raise the stake. Online Red dog poker is a dynamic game with a simple strategy and chance for big winnings! Try to collect your winning combination and you will understand that the old red dogs can absolutely learn new tricks!

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