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“I like Blackjack. I like the philosophy of Poker”, says the famous musician and the gamer Joshua Bell. Yes! These two types of card games are the most honored and reputable among the professional gamblers. Definitely, 21 is the winning number! Blackjack is the great game that enjoys great amount of casino lovers for many years thanks to the simple rules and the comfortable gaming process. It is the game that stands out from the rest and where the intuition and mathematical tactics can decrease the casino house advantage a lot.

Among the diversity of Blackjack types, we can divide Royal Crown Blackjack. If you want to rattle the nerves and check your intuition skills, then play Royal Crown Blackjack for free or real money. Tempt the fortune in the fantastic game against the dealer!

The basics and the main rules of Royal Crown Blackjack card game

Royal Crown Blackjack is the online game with the standard American rules where players have to collect certain number of points in order to beat the rival. Of course, the only one competitor is the casino dealer. But pay attention to the fact that the sum of the collected points does not exceed 21. Each card in the game has the significant meaning. So, the cards with 2 and 9 are equal to their numbers, but cards from 10 to King will present up to 10 points. Moreover, Ace is going to guarantee 1 point or 11, depending on the gaming situation. Below we notice some facts that are distinctive for Royal Crown Blackjack: Play Royal Crown Blackjack Free Online

  • Firstly, croupier deals the gaming cards, opening only one
  • He will check the availability of Blackjack, if the opening card is equal to 1 or Ace
  • If dealer has Blackjack, the game ends
  • One can propose insurance if dealer has Ace
  • You can divide into 2 boxes the gaming cards of one suit
  • After the Split on the box, 10 and Ace are not considered as Blackjack
  • You can Double on any cards
  • One card on the box will shuffle while Double
  • There is no Surrender in the game

While the first card shuffling the Blackjack is going to create, the players have to rely on the prize by the ratio of 3:2. Also gamblers can earn on the insurance from the dealer’s Blackjack creation. If the dealer has Ace as the first card, player is offered to use insurance.

Blackjack is one of the card games where gamblers provide the perfect chances beat casino with the help of the personal skills. The appliance of the basic strategy is the main way to win big.  It can be considered as the certain system that is divided into 270 possible combinations, got in the gaming process. This number includes 10 cards from the dealer, multiplied by 27 player’s cards. In comparison with Roulette – Blackjack is more intelligent and strategic casino game.  As a rule, the winning will get the gambler who knows the skill of risks calculating. 

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