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Learn the truth of the old Chinese Sic Bo dice game with up-to-date bet combinations & strategies

Play Sic Bo Dice Game Online at the Best CasinosWidespread in Ancient China Sic Bo dice game has safely lived to the present day and is commonly strengthened in many online casinos. Traditionally, the game is more popular in Asian countries, however, many western gamblers estimated the excitement of Sic Bo dice game. According to the history, the name of ‘Sic Bo’ is translated as ‘pair of dice’. Other two names of Chinese game (Dai Su and Tai Sai) are translated as “big-small or “high-low”.

Sic Bo is very absorbing game played with real money that proposes to make different stakes on the plenty of dices outcomes that you'll find reading this review.

How to play Sic Bo game for real money and win?

Generally, it is very easy to play Sic Bo game online, but the main problem is an understanding of its betsand patterns. The fact of the matter is the appearance of many combinations while throwing of 3 dices in contrast of one more else great dice casino game Craps that is played with a pair of dices and based on luck but should be played with strategies involved to raise winnings. Nevertheless, many online game developers add more playing patterns that can be uncommon. It should not be left unnoticed that there is an availability of payouts on the Sic Bo table game.

Slowly, the Sic Bo rules started to transform and change according to requirements of modern society. That’s why gambling industry has absolutely modified rules. The matter of the process leaves untouched. All player has to do is to make a bet and predict the result of the dice.

With the development of modern technologies and appearance of online casino, the process of throwing dices became more unusual and spectacular. Plate with dices gave the place to special dice shakers. Sic Bo dice machine is also called “popper” for its similarity with pop-corn automat.

The variety of Sic Bo bets is based on the possible dice combinations

So, the Sic Bo online game rules are notable for its simplicity, availability and high emotionality.  The game is familiar to roulette and craps. In each game, three dices with numbers from 1 to 6 are shaken and players place their chips on the table layouts, previously making bets on the dice faces combinations. Each Sic Bo table corresponds to different kinds of bets.

Sic Bo Online Casino Game of Chance to Win Big MoneySic Bo best bets are:

  • Big bet combination is a betting number of all three dices that will be to11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17.
  • Small bet combination is a betting number of all three dices that will be to 4, 5, 6 ,7 ,8, 9 or 10.
  • Three of a Kind bet combination is a player bets only one number that will be on all three faces of the dice.
  • Two of a Kind bet combination is only one betting number that will be on two of three dices.
  • Any Three of a Kind (Double up) bet combination is any betting number that will be on all of three dices.
  • Total bet combination is betting on the total number of three dices that is between 4 and 17

When it comes to Sic Bo online game, one has to throw away winning tips, strategies and secrets

Bet Type  House Edge 
 Big  2,78
 Small  2,78
 10 & 11  12,50
 9 & 12  7,41
 8 & 13  12,50
 7 & 14  9,72
 6 & 15  12,04
 5 & 16  11,11
 4 & 17  12,50
 Two-die Combo  2,78
 Any Triple  11,11
 Specific Double  11,11
 Specific Triple  16,20
 Single Number  3,70

But is it so? In most cases, a winning key is an understanding of basic grounds. The first Sic Bo winning formula is to play online casino that has best Sic Bo rules, betting`s, statistics and payouts. The player has to take into account this fact and work it to the benefits. In spite of payouts, a player needs to remember casino odds that form its profit. As mentioned previously Sic Bo game online is a prediction of 3 dices result. On our website you can find only the best online casinos to play this great game with real money. 

Also, mathematics can play a huge role in Sic Bo game. One has an opportunity to apply it and count the potential winning Sic Bo probability, but, this game is an unpredictable one.

Sic Bo Online Casinos House Margin in the Table for You to Estimate Expected Value

Furthermore, the player can verify his bets in order to have an opportunity to make a big scoop. But much more important is a development of your own Sic Bo online game best strategy, that as a result will be your constant helpmate while Sic Bo gambling in online casino. Though, all depend on the situation with no logic, because laws of probability theory are acting only in part. Let the destiny decides your winning luck! Also, you can practice Sic Bo with a live dealer. One doesn’t have to worry about the software that can be installed for cheating. You can see it with your own eyes!

Visit one of the best online casinos and on your mobile (IOS or Android) and choose the demo version of Sic Bo simulator! Try to play exciting Sic Bo game for free in order to understand Sic Bo dice patterns for the future game for real money and find out your own suitable and secure tactics.  Be sure that Sic Bo casino game slot creates an exciting atmosphere of real casino table and causes a feeling of real time gambling.

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Are there live dealer Sic Bo games?
Yes, numerous UK leading online pavilions offer live-dealer Sic Bo games powered by the top software providers like elaboration, Playtech and realistic Play.
Where can I find online Sic Bo games?
Check out our rosters for the stylish recommended Sic Bo pavilions. And while at it, don’t forget to claim one of the great lagniappes available if you register through our point.
Do all online casinos offer Sic Bo?
Not all online pavilions in the UK offer Sic Bo. Check our list of recommended pavilions, where we specifically feature drivers that offer it.
Why should I try Sic Bo сasino games?
Sic Bo is a bones game with numerous laying options. It's played on a fun layout that resembles a Roulette table where you place chips on bet markings. Also, it's presto paced, fun and easy to understand.
Is Sic Bo casino available on mobile?
Yes it is. There are several online pavilions in the UK that offer Sic Bo on both instant-play format which is available for access through mobile cybersurfers, as well as some pavilions that offer a mobile summerhouse app that can be installed on Android and iOS mobile bias.
Can I play Sic Bo casino games for free?
Sic Bo games aren't extensively available for free, and due to UKGC regulations you'll need to subscribe up to the point before penetrating any free games.
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