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Play Real Money Card Game Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker Online Poker game with virtual rivals is matchless with real battle, taking place at the table with real cards. But in last game you will lose the whole bankroll and the first game are played any moment without the damage to your pocket. Ultimate Texas Holdem for real money is simple and interesting poker game that was invented by Roger Snow from Shuffle Master company. Thereafter, the right for its spreading belongs to them.

Ultimate Texas Holdem is extraordinary because it is based on famous Texas Holdem Poker and is played on the Blackjack stylish table. It features by one to one play with the dealer. Your object as in poker game is to collect the higher combination of cards.

The distinctiveness is that you see 5 cards on the table – these are so called common cards therefore they form the combination that both you and dealer will have. Moreover, you get two pocket cards. That way you get 7 cards from which you should pick up the strongest.

How to play Ultimate Texas Holdem poker and what is the best way to beat dealer?

In front of you will see Ultimate Texas Holdem layout that is marked: Trips, Ante=Blind and Play. The gaming rules are simple but we recommend do not bypass them. The whole bets at Ultimate Texas Holdem real money are made by possessing playing chips on the certain area of the layout. For game start you need to place same wagers on Ante and Blind boxes. The play is going to be directly at 6 boxes. During the game on few boxes you can see only 1 Hand and by others you play blindly.

Dealer gives 2 cards face down. When you see your cards, the first round of bets will be dealt. You can place 3 or 4 fold Ante bet on the Play box. In such case one can decide that you hand made a decision. You don’t have to make a bet and do so called “check”. Then dealer opens 3 common cards on the table. The second round of bets takes it beginning: you place 2 fold Ante bet on Play box. Further dealer opens the remaining 2 common cards. The third round consists of one fold Ante bet on Play box and player refuses from his hand. At that time Ante and Blind bets lose.

The dealer binds together the player’s closed (hole) cards with the common cards for the strongest Hand. If the dealer qualifiers than the following stuff happens:

  • Ante and Play beats if gambler’s hand wins the dealer’s one
  • Play, Ante and Blind bets defeat if gambler’s hand plays over dealer’s one
  • Blind wins when gambler gets Straight or more
  • Blind pushes if gambler gets smaller than Straight
  • Trips wins if gambler gains Three of a Kind or more

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the gambler gets his starting Ante and others go on to play.

Learn more information about Ultimate Texas Holdem payouts and its odds

Combination  TRIPS   BLIND
 Royal Flush  50:1  500:1
 Straight Flush  40:1  50:1
 Four of a Kind 30:1   10:1
 Full House  8:1  3:1
 Flush 6:1   1,5:1
 Straight  5:1  1:1
 Tree of a Kind  3:1  -

Minimal dealer’s combination is a pair of 2. If your Hand is higher the winnings are going to pay according to the table. When the croupier doesn’t have Pair then your highest card is compared with his one. In such case Ante bet remains as untouched so it means draw game. If your hand is weaker, Blind and Play lose. Ante and Play are paid by the ratio of 1:1. The table of payouts for Trips and Blind bets is following:

Under playing with standard basic rules, Ultimate Texas Holdem odds are 2, 18%, if establishing the house edge toward Ante bet.

Prepare yourself by learning Ultimate Texas Holdem advanced strategy and tips

Ultimate Texas Holdem betting strategy seems a little complicated but the most difficult decision lies on whether to wager 4x preflop. It means if the gambler is going to take advantages of the strongest Hand and gain the profit of it.

You can win Ultimate Texas Holdem, making the right and aggressive actions firstly on the preflop. The main tip is to make max bet on the preflop if you have:

  • Any pocket card
  • Any Ace
  • King of one suit
  • King of one suit with second card higher than 2
  • Suited Q8 and higher
  • Off suited Q10 and higher
  • J9 and higher

The bet on flop, in this version of Texas Holdem casino game, you have to make, having:

  • Any Pair
  • Any Draw combination

The bet on river if you have:

  • Any Pair
  • In common cards 2 Pair with high 5 card not less than Jack
  • In common cards Triple with 2 high cards
  • In common cards Straight and the higher combination

For successful implementation of Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker strategy you need to aggressively play the good preflop card, because your win depends on grammatical analysis of your chances before flop. You also can learn the strategy chart for 4x pre flop.

We hope that our tips and basic strategy will help players to reach the desirable result but before making bets, try your hand at playing Ultimate Texas Holdem online for free. Firstly you have to learn to make right decisions in order to avoid mistakes in real money game.

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