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Welcome to About us section of iMoneySlots website where we are going to share with you about our authors. All things considered, the undertaking began developing quick, and now, it is notable among online club players as the best wellspring of data about internet betting. On it, you will discover numerous club and game audits, data about security, banking strategies and substantially more. Meeet Anna Smitish - the chief editor of our platform. She provides an interesting biography and a background.

Author Anna Smitish
HI! I'm Anna Smitish
Personal Information:
California Institute of Technology
Chief Editor of
Favorite Thought
“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

How to Become a Casino Expert?

Anna has a broad online gambling club player experience beginning from 2010. She gone to school in the States, where he read for a degree in Psychology and Business. She filled in as a seller at his nearby gambling club to help finance his way through school. What began as low maintenance work immediately transformed into an energy for gaming. In the wake of graduating, Anna moved back to Ukraine, Kiev and went into the club business full time. She invested a lot of his free energy in the opposite side of the table, where he appreciated playing table games at online casino sites.

We formed a team of authors who themselves earn on gambling, betting or are seriousl. As a result, an entire team is working on the article: expert, author, editor and native speaker.

If you think that the gambling audience is homeless people who are looking for money, then you are very wrong! And this is proved by many years of Anna's work in this area:

  • The gambling audience is entertainment: adult sites, online cinemas, game portals, torrents, and you can very carefully pour money on the subject of earnings
  • For the target audiences, I have 2 main vectors: balanced, self-sufficient people who play casinos and other games for fun, and the second group, on the contrary, are impulsive, emotional and gamblers
  • People with an acute shortage of money are not the target audience of the casino. Think for yourself - will a person throw their last money into some dubious ways of making money if he has nothing to put on the table? No. Or this is a completely stupid person, whose instinct for self-preservation atrophied.

More About Anna Smitish

Have you ever won in casino?

Definitely, yes. It was a great experince in my professional career. So, I can say that everyone is going to win. It is important to understand and recognize every stake that you make in online casino. You have to stop every time you are going to lose and do not waste more money.

What’s your advice to new casino players?

It is interesting question. So I can say that never play with cash you can't bear to lose – the general purpose of betting is to have a component of hazard, so you generally need to figure that. What's more, on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize our site – always remember to peruse the fine print. All over. Best to be as cautious as possible, all things considered.

What is your favorite casino game?

Of course, Blackjack coz here you are willing to think all your bets and it is really interesting to play. Despite its simplicity, the game BlackJack online does not lose its popularity in the world. Simplicity and efficiency make blackjack a favorite online game for most gambling thrill-seekers.