Have You Ever Known World`s Biggest Gambling Countries?

Gambling and casino games are the best time spending for the people who prefer excitement and risky bets. However, what are the most compulsive gamblers in the world? Who are they? As you know, the synonym of the unbridled joy and blowing off money is Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. But as the team of professional gamblers, we decided to research the statistics and created the infographic that you can observe below.

The aim of our research was to find out where the most compulsive gamblers live. We did a great job, analysing many factors. In the fact, we pay attention to the amount of the gambling clubs in different states and the sums. Initially, it was meant to give the first place to the players from USA, Great Britain and France.

Most Gambling Countries

Despite of the popularity of brick casinos, the development of online gambling is growing higher in the popularity all over the globe

However, unexpectedly the leading position was headed by Australia – each adult citizen of this country loses $1000 yearly. It is primarily for 40% higher than Singapore has and other western countries. Though the Australian market is a profitable one but the gambling sphere has no place to grow – the country has only 23 million of citizens. As you can see at the table the champion of collective losses is the USA: last year residents of this state had gambled away $17 billion. The potential growth is really huge: according to some resources, Americans spend $150 billion for the illegal sports betting.

Therefore, one has to admit that online gambling business is legalised and it means that playing casino games, Australians fill up the state’s budget. Why does this fact impress so much? Mainly because Australia doesn’t frequently twinkle in the sphere of the gambling business.

  • The most popular casino games in this state are Poker, Blackjack and so-called pokies (slot machines). According to our infographic more funds are spent at land based slot games, casinos and online gaming.
  • Singapore, Ireland and Finland are coming to Australia. When people start to talk about casino games, the mind flew to Singapore. It is no surprising because this sparkling city is the place of the entertainments and the capital of the gambling tourism. The people all over of the world go there in order to meet with the greatness of Asian culture and try the fortune. As the Australians, annually citizens of this gambling city spend about $1000 for casino games.
  • An interesting fact is about gambling in Ireland. The industry is unregulated because the state depends on the Gambling Act of 1956. It means that only registered members of this club are able to have casino services. The losses per adult in average are equal to $588.

As you can see, such countries as Ireland, Norway and Great Britain have some significant increases in the range of the players, participate in online betting. 

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