SIGMA 2024 Leaders Promise Breathtaking Event Schedule

SIGMA 2024 Summit ReviewThere is no wrongous time in the online gambling industry, especially if you talk about Malta where SIGMA 2024 will be held on November 22nd -25th. It is dedicated to mergers and purchases, developing markets, legislative changes and other innovations.

2022 is the first year where the organisers include the alternatives and the possibilities of the world’s show, providing great interest from the sharks of the iGaming industry across the globe. The administration of the hugest gaming summit announced the changes in the schedule of the future event.

This year the guests will be provided by interesting innovations, uncommon panel discussions, fabulous exhibitors, brand new presentations and famous B2B companies. Please note: iGaming Malta conference will have more about 60 speakers and 100 exhibitors.

SIGMA 2024 invited more than 300 new affiliates and the authorities of top echelon. Moreover, the participants of the event are offered to invite VIP guests for the discussion and receiving innovative experience in the frames of SIGMA 2024 event.

The Fourth Edition of SIGMA 2024 Anchors Itself as the Largest iGaming Event of the Year

The interesting offerings are addressed to SIGMA Startup Pitch. This year the event arrangers propose Malta as the base country for the business start up and management with the advice from the veterans of the upcoming industry. Furthermore, startups can occupy the exhibition stand for free and provide available production to the guests.

Malta government, gaming regulator and huge gambling funds (GamCrowd, GamCrowd, KPMG eSummit, BiG Foundation, Malta Community Chest Fund) are represented under the characters of the summit strategic partners. Moreover, it is planned to have the strict selection of the summit’s speakers and partnership with the experts of the gaming sphere. Interesting presentations, active dialogue with the audience and significant gambling directions will replace routine reports. As the organisers say, the content way will be changed, avoiding mind-numbing discussions and run-of-the-mill panel.

So, the idea of iGaming Malta summit is to cultivate the sustainable networking atmosphere with the fabulous show and useful events. Moreover, brand new slogan - “Enjoy Making Money” – reflects the simple and laconic spirit of SIGMA 2024. 

The team of iMoneySlots is proud to be the part of iGaming Malta Summit 2024 as media partners. 

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