How to play online slots for real money and win at online casino, applying tips for begginers

How to Play Slots for Real MoneyAre you newcomer to online slot machine games? They’ve certainly gone a long length path since the early days of the one-armed bandits with a range of brand new styles popping up over the years. There are a great diversity of similarities between slot machines and the common standard land-based games found in the gambling places all over the planet though there are some key differences too. Here at How to section we’ve put together a quick guide How to play slots for real money online, spinning the reels and studying thoroughly  various kinds of slot games players might come across.

Of course, if you choose slot machines and want to win, you are able to understand how to play the game. Whether you are now at Las Vegas or on your iPhone, slots for real money propose the exciting time spending and thrilling way to test the lady fortune.

If you don’t know how to start playing slots online, take a glance at our simple and handy manual. It includes some tips on how slot machines are different from their land-based ancestors, how to play real money slots, managing your bankroll and other useful advices. Once you’ve copied with the article, you are going to test your skills at one of many online slots.

How to play online slots for money – What are the types?

The diversity of slot machines online is tremendous. Once you have all buttons and settings down, you might have no problems playing slots. But the question is? Be or not to be? Which slot machine do you want to try? With such a wide variety of slot games you can be left reeling from the big choice: classic slots, straight slots, Bonus game slots, video slots, multiline, mega spin, progressive slots, 3D machines – have you ever imagined?

It is where the real entertainment of online slot games begins. The truly massive army of one-armed bandits has its own design, style, storyline and payouts. If you’ve always dreamt to play the totally the same slot machine that your grandma in Vegas in the 50’s. You might be disappointed a lot. Players that would prefer online version of unpopular slot is able to make it on a classic one. Or if you want to try something cutting edge, for instance, Book of Ra slot game by Novomatic, featured by Bonuses, Free Spins and multipliers to revive the old game; you are going to do so nowadays. When referring to pick up something interesting to try with online slots at casinos, the possibilities are eternal.

The modern slots vary by the amount of reels. There are following types:

  • 3 reels: basically, these are standard classical slots that are similar to one-armed games and the gaming principle is the same as land-based
  • 5 reels: it is the most widespread group with themed storylines and perfect graphics. Gaming software developers add to them Bonus rounds, huge number of Free Spins and multipliers.
  • 7 reels: there are fewer amounts of symbols without Bonus Spins and special pictures. But such slot machines have pleasant payouts.
  • 9 reels: they look like 3 reels but you will see several slots with symbols that are spinning independently.

Playing real slot machines online player might meet particular group that is called i-slots from Rival Gaming. Such casino slots get additional Bonus rounds that can be activated at the second screen.

Slots lexicon for understanding how to play successfully online casino slots for real money

Some words and terms are important if you want to know how to play slot machines and win money. We decided to arrange some vocab list for you to come across something new one:

  • Bonus Round – it is a common feature in video slots, usually, mini game with great money prizes. They are all different: from matching cards to killing zombies
  • Free Spins – If player line up certain symbols during the spin, he is able to win another Free rounds of spins
  • Multiplier – some online games allow doubling or tripling the winnings
  • Paytable – it is the chart where you might learn the price of the symbols, Bonus rounds, number of lines and reels, Scatters, Wilds etc
  • Payout – is an amount of money that  you receive for winning
  • Wilds, Scatters, Bonus – special symbols that can become any patterns you need in order to win

How to play slot machine wisely with the management of your strategy and slots strategy, minimizing the gaming losses?

How to Play a Slot Machine and WinGenerally notice that there are two general types of casino players of online slots: person that play for the only aim – to win jackpot and other who are interested in the full joy and entertainment, considering the prize as a cherry on the top of the cake! That is why your bankroll control depends on the category of the gambler. Player that is mad to win jackpot seeks for high variance slot games. But playing such video slots your amount doesn’t raise high without enjoying less gaming process. How to win money playing online slots is another interesting article that will help to determine the slots payout and your behavior during gaming process.

Lovers of slots with the entertainment goal will opt for lower value sizes. As an example, you make $0.05 bet on a slot machine with 90% payouts with $10,000 jackpot. That is why if you play 480 spins per hour, your lost is $2.40 in an hour. See some useful tips for beginners about the bankroll prolonging:

  • Penny online slots that rate a penny for the spin
  • Games with the biggest payouts – choose slots that suggest the best rates and expand the gaming play
  • Try to calculate the losses – determine the losses using the calculation that we suggested above. It is going to estimate the coin size for the game
  • Set the limits – set the size of money that you are going to miss. Primarily from 5 to 15% of the total bankroll

Other useful information from the theme how to play online slots for money is slots’ strategy with different dispersion. It is believed that winning strategies and other systems cannot be profitable on the practice not to mention the fact what casino games to play. Firstly it is better to say how the winnings are organized at casino video slots. When the gambler make real money bets, the slot machine collects money from the all players at the system and forms the common winning fund. From this amount casino gets its 3-5% and the rest pays to players. The licensed software provides the random principle but it is better to distinguish online slots with the levels of payouts: low and high dispersive emulators.

Low dispersive slot machines include the frequent fall of small payouts. Among the great diversity of video slot games the professional gambler always knows how to find and such slot machines and wins. They often have no Bonus rounds or Free Spins.

It doesn’t mean that they are bored or not profitable. By contrast you have to be very carefully with such type of slots online because there will be no money on the account before you could say Jack Robinson. The strategy is applied like: if you don’t get something by 10 spins, double the bet to another 10 spins. But remember that low dispersive video slot is a foxy game that can with each spin get his percent and the failure is inevitable. 

How to Play Slots for real moneyHigh dispersive slot at casino includes the rare winnings but with huge money prizes. Such types of online casino games more often appear at the gambling places. If you don’t know to play online slots and chose the first available game, it is a great chance to meet it with high dispersion. They have the specialty to take all your money, but someday you will totally lose your tongue from the winning at the Bonus Game. It is better to feel such types what means to look over the payouts. For example, if you catch 2 Scatters in 5 times for the last 20 spins, our advice is to not end the game and wait for Bonus Feature because it will present the jackpot. Notice that the rate hike is the rudest mistake while playing slots with high dispersion.

There is the special category of slot machines with jackpot. If you believe in fortune and have the great amount of money – make the x1000 deposit from the planned bet and go on.

We show the examples of tips and strategies that are based on our own experience and observation over other compulsive gamblers. But you should not neglect your intuition or the sixth sense while learning how to play slots smart. 

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