Gibraltar Regulatory Authority Offers Best Online Gambling Licenses

The remarkable thing is that the owners of the online gambling business who decided to get Gibraltar gambling license will have plenty of fringe benefits, guarantees and other Bonuses from the regional authorities. First of all, it is the safety and perfect reputation thanks to the prestige jurisdiction, famous all over the world.

Gibraltar License Authority Accepts Gambling Players All Over the Globe

Gibraltar license for online casinos is given by The Licensed Department that differentiates the types of the gambling activity and provides several variants of the allowances. The jurisdiction keeps a strict watch for the fulfilling of the requirements of the future grantees and does not get the documents with the suspicion of unfair work.

The applicant who had the gaming licenses of other honoured jurisdictions can with no hassle get gambling license of Gibraltar. The specialists confirm that the new company cannot have the license on Gibraltar: for such stuff it has to have serious recommendations from huge financial and economic experts. That is why Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is one of the securest and safest in the world. Only experienced companies, holding groups and corporations are provided with this license.

The advantages of Gibraltar gambling license are:

  • Online casino will increase its reputation, becoming the participant of European market
  • Minimal taxes - 1% from the common income
  • The owner of the gambling place will get benefits and guarantees from the government on equal terms with the citizens
  • The payment transactions are not controlled by the system

As the result of this, the state registers the great amount of the gaming companies and the famous brands shift their businesses to the Gibraltar jurisdiction. 

For more information:

  • Phone- 00350 20064142 
  • Fax - 00350 20064150 
  • Address - Gambling Division, Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar
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