UK Gambling Commission License Conditions & Advantages

UK Gambling Commission is the gambling regulator of Great Britain, created in accordance with the Law of Casino Games since 2005. It controls the most range of the gambling forms and betting in the United Kingdom. The exception includes the sports betting that is controlled by other jurisdiction as Sports Betting Intelligence Unit. It also supervises the execution of distance bets and provides the licenses for the gaming websites.

UK Gambling Commission License Sets up the Fair Online Game for Players

UKGC came to the online gambling market in 2014. Earlier the gaming commission controlled the market of offline gambling within the United Kingdom. When the Canada government decided to take taxes from online operators, the gaming commission was capacitated for choosing ā€“ what operators to release to the gaming market and allow to receive Britain traffic. Moreover, commission controls the legal work of online casinos and accordance to the high standards of UKGC.

UK Gambling Commission technical standards are one of the highest and hard-nosed items among other jurisdictions. In that way, UKGC license is the powerful indicator of the fair online games, proposed to the customers and guaranteed protection of player funds. UKGC does not work with the complaints of the gamblers. They direct the regrets to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

UK Gambling CommissionĀ licensing main objectives are the crime prevention (illegal bookmaking), promoting of the honesty of betting operations and responsible gambling and protection of underage players.

View detailed information:

  • Phone - +44 121 230 6666Ā 
  • Fax - +44121 230 6720
  • Address - Victoria Square House, Birmingham, B2 4BP, Gambling CommissionĀ 
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