Australia Casino Regulator Offers Best Conditions for Online Gambling

The Act Gambling and Racing Commission provides the strict rules of online betting regulation but there are certain forms that are allowed according to the condition of getting a relevant license. They include racing and lotteries. Moreover, regulators grant the licenses to bookmaker’s websites of Australia.

Gambling and Racing Commission Creates Confident Environment for its Members

The process of getting a license for online casino is similar to the Schengen visa. It requires the standard list of the documents that you have to provide. There is a range of the requirements of Australian legislation:

  • The creation of the advantageous gambling atmosphere
  • The security of the financial operations
  • To provide the protection of the player’s information and their right to the private life
  • To guarantee the transparency of the gambling activity

Thanks to the strict laws and control regulation of online gambling business, Gambling and Racing Commission Act provides to its clients the honest game and the top-grade service.

Despite the high tax levies of the gambling industry, a lot of bookmaker brands of the world took care of getting Gambling and Racing Commission license. The evident reason is that Australians spend more money on the bets than other world’s players. It makes Australian gaming market as the most profitable place for huge online operators. 

Detailed Information:

  • Phone - (02) 6207 0359
  • Fax - (02) 6207 7372
  • Address - ACT Gambling & Racing Commission, Access Canberra, GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601
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